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Palazzo Capua: Weddings in Sliema

The Palazzo Capua team will be your helping hand in the preparations for the big day ahead. They are experts at organising everything, from planning your perfect day, to booking all the suppliers that might be needed. They will be with you all the way and always available to communicate with you on any queries that might pop up. They will also take care of any services your guests might need while travelling for your big day. They simply have it all covered. In Malta we have a choice of 365 churches, that’s more or less a church for every day of the year! Furthermore, Stella Maris church is situated very close to The Palazzo Capua building.

Special Events / Occasions at The Palazzo:

The expert team at Palazzo Capua are truly professional in the role of event management and are leaders where it comes to large scale events such as ceremonies, parties, concerts or any other type of event that comes to mind.

They will handle anything from planning the logistics to coordinating the technical aspects for your special events. They will help you out with the event planning such as budgeting, scheduling, site selection, coordinating parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering and also emergency back up plans.

The Palazzo venue details

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