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Historical Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in Malta


Malta is famous for celebrating its history, Christian identity and preserving its long-time traditions. The Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck in Malta is a perfect opportunity to experience congenial atmosphere and the hype surrounding the legend of Apostle Paul and his ventures in Malta.

St. Paul and Malta have a long relation dating back to A.D. 60. Apostle Paul left a heritage that influenced many generations ahead. 2000 years ago he gave Malta Christianity making the island one of the first Roman colonies to convert to Christianity. Till this day Maltese celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm preserving the oldest traditions that fascinate many travellers coming across Malta.


Paul also found his way to Malta by chance. The Roman ship that was taking Paul to be tried as a political rebel did not reach its destination and was caught by a storm getting wrecked on the shores of the island. The islanders gave a shelter from the fierce storm to all those aboard who safely swam back to the shore. Many legends surround Apostle’s life in Malta with some archaeological evidence that supports some of the stories told. It is said that he took refuge in a cave (Rabat), was poisoned by a snake but felt no ill-effects and that he cured Publius’ father from a serious fever. In turn Paul became famous for his healing abilities, while Publius became the first Bishop of Malta.


These and many other St. Paul’s life legends made St. Paul’s Shipwreck day a celebration not to miss. Documented by the Acts of the Apostles in the New Testament of the Bible, The Shipwreck Day now is commemorated as a National Public Holiday and a Religious Feast at the Church of St. Paul Shipwrecked in Valletta and in the streets of Malta’s capital city. Every year, on February 10th, Maltese celebrate their faith which is perceived to be a key factor in Maltese identity and is marked with religious ceremonies and processions.


Traditional rain of shredded paper, mid-day band march, religious ceremonies and street festivities held in and around St Paul’s Shipwreck Parish, Valletta will bring you the historical value of Christianity to the experience of Malta. Check out the video to catch the hype of the event and hurry up to book your stay with the historical AX Palazzo Capua! 10th of February 2018 is just around the corner!

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