Malta History

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Exploring the underground world of Valletta


There is much more to Malta than meets the eye. It’s a small island with a lot of hidden treasures. And we mean literally hidden, like a whole network of tunnels lying underneath Valletta – the historic capital of Malta.

War Shelter at Casa Rocca Piccola

The mysterious network of tunnels is a combined venture of the Knights of Malta and the British during WWII. In 1941 the British army used Valletta’s cellars and passages tunnelled through the soft limestone by the Knights of Malta and extended them to their use as the war rooms from where they organised the island’s defence. Engraved dates, graffiti and symbols of masons remain as the historical mark left on the limestone walls of the secretive tunnels. With Valletta’s nomination as European Capital of Culture 2018, the unsealed tunnels attracted attention and an extensive recent article in The Guardian featured and explored Valletta’s underworld as well as the initiatives of the upcoming project.


Since part of Valletta’s underground world has only recently been opened to the general public, it is a perfect time to visit Malta! Due to the security measures, the tours are organised at very specific dates and the closest one is to be held on 28th of March, 2017. Follow more news about the Valletta Underground and don’t miss your chance to explore the historical underworld of the great capital of Malta.


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