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Welcome to Palazzo Capua Private Tours

Welcome to Palazzo Capua

So you have decided to book your stay at Palazzo Capua but you also want peace of mind in planning your stay. Then worry not because Prestige Cabs is experienced and equipped to handle your A to Z whilst you are visiting Malta. Time is always precious, especially when you are on holiday and there is so much to see.

Airport Transfers and Private Tours

Airport Transfer

Your taxi transfer in Malta can be immediately taken care of as the Prestige Cabs driver will be waiting to meet and greet you. There will be no need to worry about looking for transport to your accommodation. Don’t waste any time, let them get you to your place in a timely manner so that you can sit back and unwind without any delays.

Private Tours in Malta

Private Tours

In addition, Prestige cabs can also cater for a vast range of Sightseeing Tours & Private Tour Special Packages. This is the best way to get to see all of Malta’s hidden charms and prestigious landmarks. Let them guide you and help you discover Malta in the best and most affordable way possible.

We look forward to seeing you on the beautiful Island of Malta.

For a more detailed explanation of what is on offer, click on any of the private tours options below and find out more. You can enjoy Malta Sightseeing Tours, Private Tours Special Packages and for the more adventurous ones, get in touch and find out all you need to know about the Prestige Customized Tours, Cruise Liner Excursions and fantastic Yacht Charters.

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